Tbilisi, Georgia

Email: kerageorgia@gmail.com

Facebook: KERA Georgia

The KERA Georgia shelter was established to give single mothers and their children from all faiths and backgrounds safe living conditions and the opportunity to gain the skills and education necessary to provide for their family independently.  


The shelter is a place of encouragement and support, giving women the time and tools they need in order to stabilize their lives so they can become independent and self-sufficient parents and for their children to grow up in a secure and loving environment.

The kindness and generosity of so many volunteers and supporters keeps the shelter running and helps to dramatically change the lives of the women and children we support.  Many things are needed in order to keep the women off the streets and save their children from being taken to government institutions, separating them from their mothers.  Every donation is another diaper, bowl of soup, enrollment in job training, paid electricity bill, or winter coat but more importantly, it is a step towards independence for these woman and her children.  This is something that would not otherwise be possible.
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